TAZ 4 (5 upgraded) belt tensioning springs?

I am about to do some upgrades to my TAZ 4 (with TAZ 5 hotend and PEI) and I am wondering about using belt tensioning torsion springs. Seems like a good idea but I know in practice that is not always the case.

So, has anybody used them on a TAZ? Or is it just a bad idea?

Planning to try them myself. However, three zip ties have always worked well to achieve extremely tight belt tension.

To tension the Y axis, loosen the Y axis idler mount bolts, tighten the belt, then tighten the bolts. To tension the X axis belt, print my retrofit belt tensioner and attach it to the x carriage, or upgrade to the X openrails with integrated tensioner.

The springs work ok too. Until they fall off.

The springs work ok too. Until they fall off.

The ones I saw had an extra bit that goes over the other side of the belt to keep them in place (not like the clothes pin variety). I also saw your add on that I might look at harder if you think it’s a better solution.

I am going to be putting all new sleeve (PTFE) bearings that I have been testing out as well as tightening all bolts (and figuring out where one goes that ended up on the desk below the printer) and just giving it a general once over to assure everything is in good working order.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 5.08.25 PM.jpg
forgot the photo.