Taz 4 Bolt on X axis tensioner retrofit kit

I wanted to make sure I can continue to adjust the belt tension on my upgraded Taz and the new Ao-10x taz 4 style carriage retrofit that is almost done, and I already printed out both the new X carriage plates, so I designed this little assembly to attach a M3 screw driven tensioner to the existing belt mount. Basically, the frame gets one M3 heat set insert towards it’s base, and the other hole is just a passthrough to the existing heat set insert on the X carriage right belt lug if looking at the back side (the side away from the scallop). Another M3 heatset insert goes in the center of the tensioner body. You use 2 M3 bolts to hold the entire assembly down to that frame and the belt mount. instead of placing the belt mount in compression on the Taz 4 x carriage on that side, you are just using that heat set insert as a mounting point.

You thread another longer M3 bolt into the tensioner body, route the belt under the body gap and then back over the top, around the Tensioner end that slips over the threaded M3 bolt. You put the top plate down on the teeth of the belt that should be facing up with the belt at a moderate tension already, , bolt it down snugly, then further tighten the tensioner bolt until the belt is tight as you like.

Will post additional pictures and belt routing once it’s printed. This one is very alpha stage at the moemnt. I may end up having to reinforce the frame bit.
Taz_4_x_tensioner_top_plate_1_0_a.stl (69.8 KB)
Taz_4_x_tensioner_frame_1_0_a.stl (29.1 KB)
Taz_4_x_tensioner_end_1_0_a.stl (49.8 KB)
Taz_4_x_tensioner_body_1_0_a.stl (105 KB)

Images of the final pieces:

The part of “3d printer X belt” is being played by Mr. Zip Tie.

Seems to work, it’s solid enough, and doesn’t add much weight. I’m happy with it.

It apperently hits the upper bearing holder. I’ll figure something out to make it work.

Turns out it will fit if I mount it upside down. So that works. Just need a longer bolt.

Finished project uploaded to thingiverse:

Thanks for posting this. I do find that it is a little awkward on the stock parts to have to pull on the belt and try to tighten it down to get the tension just right. This little tensioner will definitely make it easier. Great job! :smiley:

Thanks! hopefully it will be of some use for you!