Taz 4 Belt Problem

I’ve been getting some print problems related to the belt on the X axis of my Taz 4. I noticed that the belt has slid up against the bearing block where the belt slides on the bearings. This friction is wearing down the belt a bit and giving some issues with print quality.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this problem?

Re adjust the x motor pulley location to compensate, either moving it forward or back to adjust the path, also check the belt mount locations on the x carriage. Ideally the whole belt should be as parallel as possible. Check out the ohai kit assembly documentation for pictures of how it should look.

I slid the pulley a little further from the motor but it was super hard to move and didn’t seem to make much difference.

Did you remember to loosen the setscrew first? If its not the motor pully position, it’s the location it is anchored to the back of the X carriage that needs adjusting.

I did loosen the set screws

Your right side Idler ‘might’ be angled slightly which will cause the belt to want to run on the edge that is the shortest distance. Think of it as a V shape, the belt wants to go to the bottom of the /.