TAZ 4 / BudaSchnozzle 2.0c Replacement resistor

Resistor for Lulzbot Budaschnozzle Kittaz (Taz 4)

I have a few of these budaschnozzle hot ends that I still use for PLA and Ninjaflex. They are tuned very well for my needs. The heater resistor lasts me for a couple years, so I don’t need to replace them that often. One of them went bad. I don’t have any left.

The item has since been discontinued from mouser and digikey. This printer/hot end is obviously very old stock.

Does anyone know of an equivalent resistor that I can order and still get a very close PID tune without any issues with the stock output of my unit.

Again, I am using the Kittaz (TAZ 4). Right now I am not finding anything that matches the spec.

I also have newer hot ends. Yes, they work great but this old budaschnozzle is tuned perfect especially for my PLA workflow. Perfect! I am only looking for an equivalent resistor.

Thank you!

I have attached the spec sheet for the resistor that I usually order.

MFG: RWM06224R70JA15E1 (Vishay)
Wirewound Resistors - Through Hole 7watt 4.7ohm 5%
18mm / 6.5mm
I run at 215C

I’ve had to recompile Marlin in the past with other hot ends, but I would prefer not to do that. This is why I am asking for a specific equivalent resistor. However, if need be I can dig back into Arduino. That is probably going to be the biggest issue.


Just to add to this request. I switched out to another Budaschozzle 2.0c I had on hand with a smaller nozzle. So, I am printing right now with 0.25mm tip instead of my trusty 0.5mm. No need to diagnose this as something else.

Also, the other hot end with shorted resistor was still reading the cool down temp and the ambient room temp. Checked the wiring. Removed the heater resister. Just trying to find a replacement part. I’ve really had great luck with these old nozzles by wrapping the block in about 4 layers of silicon tape all the way down the to tip. Desk fans on both sides front and rear, with no fan anywhere else. Haven’t had to recalibrate e-steps in years. I run Marlin v1.1 or another version of the firmware if I use the E3D. I will also take old stock if anyone has extras laying around.

I have bought from IT-Works 3D for a replacement BudaSchnozzle resistor for my Taz 4. Resistor is a Vishay/ Sfernice 6x22 RB57, looks like it could be the same one.

Thank you. Fame 3D was kind enough to offer some of their remaining Budaschnozzle stock on the Lulzbot store for purchase.