Taz 4 Power Supply Clicked Off and Wont Come Back On

My Taz 4 was in the middle of a print when there was a clicking noise and the entire printer shut off. Upon further inspection, the power supply had the fan face down and was extremely hot. The green light won’t come back on when the power supply is plugged back in. Is there some kind of reset fuse? The model is pc-240167

Honestly those Pengchu power supplies saw a relatively high frequency of failures, so you’re fortunate it’s lasted this long. The 500W replacement from LulzBot probably won’t be available again due to supply chain issues, but you might check out the 400W one from IT-Works 3D.

Find a Meanwell 24v power supply on ebay, 450-500 watt units can be found new for around $70. You can salvage the power cords off your old unit but you will have to print a case if you want one. I’ve used them for quite some time for a few things and have had no problems. One thing I like is the voltage can be adjusted up a volt or two which seems to make the bed heat up faster.