Printer will not turn on after only 3 prints :(

today I went to check on a print and noticed that the printer was in but not printing and was halfway through the print. I sent the extruded to the home position, cleared the build plate, preheated for abs, and the printer immediately turned off. I than toggled the power switch in the printer and it turned back on than instantly turned back off and now will not turn on at all. I have no idea would the problem could be. Please help :frowning:

Hmmm… check that the power cable and cord to the power supply are connected tightly.

That was the first thing I checked. I’ve tried other outlets as well. It’s somethig internal. Either the power supply is toast or something inside the electrical unit of the printer. I Haven’t even had the printer for a week and it’s already broken

If the power supply has died, contact and we can get you a replacement.


I’ve emailed although I’m not sure if the problem is the power supply or something else? Is the power supply a common issue?

Exact same thing happened to my taz5. The power supply died. There is a resister that burnt up internally to the power supply

Ok if it is the power supply than that saves me a lot of panic. But does this mean that the same thing will happen to a replacement power supply. Are they resolving this issue?

I spoke with Lulzbot just now and they are going to be testing and sending a replacement Power Supply out to me today. Thanks for the swift response. Depending on how electronically inclined you are, I’d be curious to see if indeed the Power Supply failed in the same manner as mine did. Might have been a bad batch from the manufacturer. I’d suggest calling and speaking with tech support to have it replaced.

I’m in touch with support@lulzbot right now through email. The problem definitely is the power supply so I’m sure they’ll be replacing mine as well. As for what caused it to fail, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same thing that happened to yours.

So the end result is that they are sending me a new power supply just like they did for you. How long did it take for yours to arrive?

Each printer ships with the power supply that it was burned in with and printed the initial octopus. The component with the highest rate of failure on the TAZ has been the power supply. I guess something has to be the worst. It follows the regular bell curve though. If you have one, and it’s been going a month, it will likely be fine. We have done many improvements with the manufacturer for reliability. So each generation has been more reliable. If yours does fail, we will replace it quickly.

I apologize for any inconvenience,


I made it to six prints! I’ve had my printer for 6 days and last night the printer just died while setting up for a new print. Now no power from any outlet. Lulzbot support here I come. I will let you all know how long it takes.

Spoke to Matterhackers and Lulzbot both on the 20th and had a new power supply from matterhackers on the 23rd and lulzbot on the 25th. Problem solved with an extra power supply to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Sorry for the PS hassle :frowning:

OP here, thought id give everyone an update. i just recieved my second replacement power supply today. lets see how long this one will last. Jebba do you have any info on if there will be a permanent fix to this issue?

I’d like to know also as my replacement is making a pulsating electrical hum under load.