Taz 4 Print issue

Does anyone have any idea what causes the print issue in this photo? When printing I am getting these jagged steps in my layers. I don’t think it is the model because it does it on all prints and it ends up making the prints not look as nice. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Using a Taz 4 with Budaschnozzle current Firmware
Hips (does the same with ABS)
Cura 19.08

Indeed, the “waves” you are seeing in your first layer will be due to your initial Z height being too close. What happens is there is not enough room for the first layer of plastic to extrude. This causes a back pressure in the nozzle, which will build and slightly raise the hotend to extrude the pressure. Once extruded it will lower back down until it builds again. Due to the consistent first layer infill, this pressure builds to critical in about the same locations as it is fills in the base layer creating the waves. Give a 1/8th to 1/4th turn of the Z axis thumb stop counter clockwise and it should get you fixed up.

Another photo example:

I bet you are right! I notice the layers after the first don’t do that so you answer makes perfect sense! Thank you!!

No problem, hope it works out!