Taz 4 printing issues

I have the Taz 4 with the dual filament head. Ever since i upgraded the head i have had issues completing a print.
I use MatterControl because i like it alot.
I was playing with the tune (flow, speed, layer thickness) and got it down really nice. I printed a part that needed support material and would switch between the 2 filaments regularly. and got all the way thru it without any issues. it was an 8 hour print.
So i thought perfect, now i’ll try my big part.
it started out perfect, then i came back the next day and bam, take a look at the picture.
it looks like the Y axis lost its step because after a few layers everything is just moved back about 25mm.
then a while later it did it again, but the X axis moved over 15mm as well.

has anyone had this happen?

No way to tell just what happened just from the photo. Could be that the belt slipped (see if it’s tight) could be that the plastic stuck upward and the hotend hit it (you don’t say what materials, or temps you used). Could be that a motor just missed step (low current or too fast) (What speed?). It does look like a collision happened if that front orange piece was sticking up like that.

If this was PLA then you probably need to turn the material fan down a bit (I normally use around 60%) If it was ABS then it probably warped off the bed (need to keep heated, air drafts, cold room can cause this). Many people (myself included) make a heated chamber to put the printer inside for ABS printing.