MatterController Stepper Stutter

I just finished puttin’ my lovely KitTAZ together after to fun, and informative days of constructin’ it; But, im havin’ some interesting problems, the printer steppers all work fine up until I start a print(im usin’ MatterControl1.1).

Once i start a print the Y axis begins to stutter and jerk causin’ my print to fail because the Y axis isn’t movin’ as much as it should be. Its really bad to it move the extruder to the “center of the bed” but the Y axis only moves 15~mm at most so the print is half off the bed(not that its actually print off the bed just not printin’ half of the object at all).

I am not 100% sure this is a software problem switchin’ the X and Y stepper wires on the Control board the y access is still jerky(after attemptin’ to print then cancelin’ the print the Y axis remains jerky this is when i swapped the stepper signals and found the Y motor still stuttering even with the X input but i don’t know why this is only happening once i start the print, it operates fine before i start any printin’.

So any ideas? what am i doin’ wrong?

Thanks, Niflheim

With the printer powered off, is it easy to move the y carriage back an forth easily on the rails, or does it require a bit of force? If it seems like it’s not sliding as smoothly as it should, you might check your y-pulley to make sure that it is not rubbing on the face of the stepper motor. You might something like this or like this .

:astonished: awesome that was it the set screws were not tight enough but i do have a second problem with my Z axis steppers gettin out of sync the left one seems to creeping down and then throw off my leveling any advice on that problem :smiley: thanks a bunch for the first post

Try this version of the TAZ 4/ KITTAZ firmware: Instructions on updating the firmware can be found here: make sure to update the esteps (extruder steps per unit) in the firmware prior to flashing. If you have any questions please contact us at