TAZ 4 vs TAZ 5?

Unfortunately I had send back my TAZ 5 due to a problem with the nozzle (I would have preferred a new nozzle rather than re-boxing the whole thing, but hey!)

Now the refund has been processed, it turns out the TAZ 5 is now out of stock from Amazon UK, so I’m wondering whether I should go for the TAZ 4 instead. Is there any compelling reason I should wait for the TAZ 5 to come back in stock? It seems as if quite a few people have had problems with the hexagon extruder, and I can always upgrade in the future when the next innovation comes along, right?

The thoughts of more experienced Lulzbot users would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

The Taz5 has a PEI bed and all metal hotend. Both are worth the wait for a Taz5 over a Taz4.

Thanks for your reply, that seems pretty definitive!

You should contact Lulzbot sales and see where they keep the Taz stock in the UK.

The PEI bed alone is worth the wait.

I had a Taz 4 and essentially upgraded it to a Taz 5 by adding the PEI and buying a new V2 all metal hotend. Its 100% doable and 100% worth it but it does take some extra money and time meticulously laying out the PEI to ensure no air bubbles get trapped underneath it. Waiting for a Taz 5 to be in stock is probably worth it.

nopick makes a good point about calling Lulzbot sales to inquire after other places that may have stock available. They are incredibly helpful every time I call.