Upgrades to convert a TAZ 4 to a TAZ 5

To upgrade a TAZ4 to a TAZ5:

Apologies if this is somewhere else in the forum, but I couldn’t find it.

Now if only someone sold the wiring harness bits to turn a 3 controll box into a 5 box heh. Oh well!

Yes, at some point we may have more TAZ 4/5 control box wiring harness bits to sell. You can get away with using a TAZ 4/5 control box and running your TAZ 3 harnesses out the holes, but some need to be lengthened and some shortened. To do it “right” gets expensive, as the connecters alone add up quickly.

Is there demand for a ~$300 “upgrade a TAZ 3 to TAZ 5” control box and wiring harnesses kit?
A power supply upgrade is a good idea as well, which would add around $100

You would probably sell at least one of them…