Taz 5 aerostruder w/ tpu precautions?

Ive been wanting to experiment with TPU (never printed with it before) and was wondering if there are going to be any issues with it and my aerostruder?

I see there is a profile for that combo in Cura (printer model,extruder,material) but thought it would be prudent to ask you more experienced builders 1st to hopefully avoid any catastrophic failures.

Thanks in advance!

The Aerostruder can print TPU great. Just make sure you lower your print speeds to around 30 mm/s. One thing to know is that it is easy to over tighten the filament tensioner and that can cause the filament to miss the heat break and instead go into the body of the Titan Aero.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
So, if I’m normally printing PLA, I should loosen the tension a little for TPU?

You may want to loosen it. You want to grab the filament well, just not so much that its really compressing it. Another thing I forgot to mention, and this is really important, do not print directly on your PEI surface because it will destroy it. It needs to be printed on either glass or blue painters tape. When I use painters tape, I just subtract .4 mm to my Z-Offset.

Aerostruder on a TAZ 6 prints TPU / Ninjaflex filament no problem. Looks like the TAZ 5 uses the same printhead. As Johnathan said don’t print directly on your PEI sheet, it adheres too well and you may not be able to pull the print off without tearing the sheet. I simply apply a layer of Elmer’s glue as the releasing agent.

Selecting the Ninjaflex profile will have the slower print speeds already. I get better results printing on the lower end of the recommended scale, 225C

Thanks guys for all the tips!
I’m so happy I asked prior to going forward as I had mentioned I’ve never used the flexible filament before and guessed it would be good to ask first.
Its great having such a helpful community to draw knowledge from!
Going load up and hit print here later this afternoon, wish me luck!

Post a picture when you’re done. I’d love to see what you printed.

Will do!
I’m printing out some treads for 3 small radio controlled tankbots to race around an obstacle course for the “kids” to play with.