Ninja flex artifacts aerostruder

So far really liking the Aerostruder. Printed this Rocktopus last night. Lots of artifacts. Didn’t see any estep calibration in the instructions or a sticker on the tool head.

What am I missing here?

The artifacts on the body are due to overextrusion… try adjust flow rate / multiplier % to 95 or 97. This should help in most situations, but could cause poor thin wall adhesion when printing other filaments (PLA, ABS…)

The problems with the fingers is that they are small print areas, and the filament doesn’t cool enough to set properly before the next layer. Its worse with TPU because of how gooey the filament extrudes. If you’re monitoring the print in person, make sure the fan is at 100% and lower the extrusion temp by a 1-2C once it gets to the wrist…

awesome ty

For NinjaFlex on the Aerostruder, try a temperature of 220 (helps to reduce stringing), don’t print faster than 20mm/s (I use 15mm/s), print inner and outer walls and infill at the same speed, keep the fan off for the first few millimeters of layers (to avoid getting a thermal runaway error due to the Aerostruder’s fan over-cooling the thermistor when near the bed) and don’t exceed 30% for fan speed throughout the print, set the retraction amount to 4mm and retraction speed from 4 to 6mm/s, which reduces stringing dramatically. Print NinjaFlex SLOWLY for best results. Speed in 3D printing is the thing that a lot of people want to increase, but slow speeds print much better (with all materials) and any time you save is really trivial compared to the amount of time the print is going to take anyway.

ty I’ll give this a try tonight too. Dialing back the flow didn’t help.