Taz 5 and 6 Proper layer heights?

What is the step height for the Taz 5 and 6?

You may think that a lower layer height is always better. 0.05 must be better than 0.08, right? The problem with this is that stepper motors move in steps. These motors moving in parts of a step can be a big problem over time. Less accurate layers will result in big layer lines and weaker layers.

What is their stepper motors is geared to?

What is the smallest layer possible?



To avoid Z wobble, I’ve found that layer heights divisible by 5 are orefferable, unless you have an antiwobble fitted, in which case you can ignore that and use whatever you want. I can print a 0.01mm layer with a 0.1mm nozzle on my slightly modified machine. The general rule is you want about 3/4ths your nozzle size as a theoretical maximum layer height, and your theoretical minimum height is as small as you can make it without your filament grinding out or your patience running out. The Moons motors used in the 6 are very effective at holding position even in microstepping mode. WIth newer stepper controllers (or even adding a servo position sensor to those motors) additional precision is also possible. The frame of the Taz becomes the limiting factor for further resolution before stepper motor resolution does. Plus the whole pressure advance K factor linear acceleration mess that gives you the persistent corner issues and varies with material type.