Optimal Layer Heights

I remember a LONGGG time ago I saw a post about optimal layer heights for the Taz 4 based on the steppers and leadscrew being used. I was wondering if anyone knows these numbers or how to calculate them. I want to say .22mm was one of them.

Try the optimal layer height calculator here:

What are the specs for the Taz 4 leadscrew?

This is the spec used for the 4 and 5, the 6 leadscrews are a different functionally identical unit
https://us.misumi-ec.com/vona2/detail/110302641830/?OptionSpec=FE%3A%3A0 FW%3A%3A7 FY%3A%3A1&CategorySpec=00000029094%3A%3A420&PNSearch=MTSBRK12-420-F7-R8-T9-Q8-S20-E5-FE0-FW7-FY1&SeriesSpec=F%3A%3A7 R%3A%3A8 T%3A%3A9 Q%3A%3A8 S%3A%3A20 E%3A%3A5&HissuCode=MTSBRK12-[80-1000%2F1]-F[2-45%2F1]-R7%2C8%2C9-T[2-45%2F1]-Q7%2C8%2C9-S[2-40%2F1]-E[4-8%2F1]&KWSearch=MTSBRK12-420-F7-R8-T9-Q8-S20-E5-FE0-FW7-FY1&Keyword=MTSBRK12-420-F7-R8-T9-Q8-S20-E5-FE0-FW7-FY1&searchFlow=results2products&Keyword=MTSBRK12-420-F7-R8-T9-Q8-S20-E5-FE0-FW7-FY1

If I remember correctly, Lulzbot wanted Taz 5 layers to be divisible by 0.05 so they landed on a full step.

I’m pretty sure that’s correct as well.