Taz 5 bad printing?? What's wrong?

We are printing a very large print with support. The walls are not very thick. It is a mask that covers the persons whole head. The first time we printed this, it had the same separation, but was a lot worse and didn’t make it as far. This time we changed the print head temperature to extrude hotter (from 250 to 260), but had a similar result.

What is the issue? This mask needs to be printed in one piece (as customer requested). We are printing in ABS and upped the temperature to 260 and print bed at 110.

To print a large thin walled piece like that out of ABS, you really need an enclosure. It’s not an optional accessory at that point. You can either make the walls thicker, or enclose the print area. Nozzle temperature of 250 should work best for adhesion, but thermal shock lifting is still going to be an issue with something that thin, especially if your printer isn’t 100% dialed in.

Something like that would be much easier to print in PLA.

If you cannot build an enclosure, you can make a temporary one out of Turkey oven roasting bags. You’ll need about 4 of them and some tape. Make sure the electronics box ends up on the outside of your temporary enclosure. The LCD panel doesn’t matter as much. Heat rises, so make sure you have a really good seal from the top down to at least the bed level. You will need a slot in the top for the filament tube.

Even with an enclosure, something like that is going to be a very difficult print. I would have difficulty printing it even with my axis modifications. You should seriously consider asking the customer to switch to PLA as that may be the only way you can get that to print correctly without an enclosure. I like ABS and use it almost exclusively, but in this instance its not the right material.

We actually do have the printer in an enclosure already, and this was the result. I can ask the customer about the piece being in PLA instead of ABS. Thanks for the advice

use PETG… stronger and doesnt warp like ABS