TAZ 6 Printed parts, safe in a enclosed/heated chamber?

Hey there, long time listener first time caller.

I am in the process of building an enclosure for my TAZ 6. Its pretty kick ass (for being entirely free so far).

Ive ran a short test with just PLA and managed to get the air in the enclosure to get to 85 F with an ambient temp of 70 F. (heated bed at 60, extruder at 215).

Ive built the enclosure to print some nice PA-6 CF and GF, as well as Nylon X. I want to add a heating element to the enclosure (perhaps a hair dryer or low temp heat gun) , to bring the inside air temp to around 100 F.

My question is this, do the printed parts on the TAZ 6 stand up to temperatures around 100F? I realize that id likely have to circulate the air to ensure that the avg air temp is 100F. With the bed, and extruder, I realize there will also be hot spots.

Does anyone have any recommendation, tips, best wishes? etc.


All factory printed parts should be printed with ABS. My main concern would be the control box.

Heat lamps may be a better option than a dryer or a heat gun. I agree with rhenderson in that try and keep your control box out of the hot box.

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I ended up going with a 150w heat lamp, and yes the electronics are outside of the enclosure. I am enjoying 100* enclosure temps pretty easily. Now I just have to figure out how to do the PT100 upgrade :slight_smile: