TAZ 5 - Drop Knot (vapour polished HIPS)

Morning guys & gals,

I am posting the latest piece of art off my TAZ 5 printer :slight_smile:

This crazy design (by Dizingof) is known as a ‘Drop Knot’. This was a purchased design from Asher’s website but was only $10 so
a great purchase.

It was quite tricky to print … it’s difficult to see from a 2D image but the knot starts and ends at only one point - the top apex. So
all the loops are actually fluid and move as you handle the design because of the single contact point.

I spent some time in MeshMixer deciding on and adding manual support structures to support the many negative loops that form
the knot. Print time was about 22 hours ! … the print measures 100mm x 114mm base + 150mm tall. Print resolution was
0.2mm using a 0.5mm extruder and 3mm HIPS.

I first printed in ABS but was unhappy with the result so re-printed in HIPS for a much better result. The HIPS output didn’t require
too much cleaning up just a quick spin over with a Dremel to knock off the odd thread.

The cleaned HIPS result was then vapour polished in my DIY forced air polisher using MEK as a solvent. Then sprayed with
aluminium paint and lacquer to take the shine off the paint.

Hope you like :smiley:



Here are some screen shots from MeshMixer showing support structures :