TAZ 5 - Gyroid, bronze finish

Afternoon guys,

I have been having big fun with my new TAZ 5. I was very pleased with the first proper output, a Chinese vase. I have
just finished a second output the amazing Gyroid structure by Dizingof.

This was much more difficult to print than the vase for different reasons. First of all the Gyroid needs support both internally
and from below. I tried various techniques but found the best was to raise the print about 5mm from the bed and use MechMixer
to insert support below and at strategic points around the model. Using automatic support generating resulted in much to much
support mainly in all the wrong places.

Also vapor polishing the ABS was not really an option as the walls are just too thin and the entire part tends to collapse under
it’s own weight. Instead I loaded Acetone into a spray gun - the type used to water plants. After a few coats of Acetone the
Gyroid surfaced softened nicely.

Finally to finish a couple of coats of textured bronze paint.

Hope you like ?



Wow that is one beautiful print! If you could share the STL file with everyone that would be great. Would love to see how you did the supports for that.

I’ve got to ask Dave, how long was this print for you? Amazing print as well.

Hi guys,

Apologies for not responding ! I assumed I would get email notifications if people posted replies but … didn’t. Just realized I
didn’t tick the check box … school boy error.

The print time was approximately 12 hours from memory. I generally sanity check the print and then run over night with a camera
keeping an eye on things that I can view from my phone.

Sure I can’t see a problem sharing the STL - I will contact Asher (the designer) and check he is ok with that. This design was a
complimentary download so I am sure he will be ok.

In the interim here are screen shots from MeshMixer showing the four faces and underside (five images). The support is only
required on the areas of negative overhang.



Hi Guys,

I have spoken to Asher the designer of the Gyroid model. Understandably, he would prefer that I didn’t share the STL
design via the forum. However, the design STL is available for free download from his website. The support structures
and brim will have to be added but it’s not too tricky and my screenshots should help.