Question on buying a Taz 5 with a dual extruder

I’m interested in getting a TAZ 5 with a dual extruder instead of the single extruder. It doesn’t look like that is an option and you get a single extruder whether you want it or not. To add a dual extruder do you throw away the single extruder that came with the unit, and replace replace it with the dual extruder. That would be a waste. Or does the dual extruder actually come with one hotend and you cannibalize the hotend from the single extruder to add to the dual extruder add-on?

I would think that the dual extruder would be an option in place of the single extruder when ordering.


The TAZ 5 ships with the single extruder toolhead. There is a common x-carriage that is fixed to the x-rods, the toolheads are interchangeable. The dual extruder toolhead can be swapped out… sort of like a camera lens on a camera body.

With that said, the current TAZ comes with a single all-metal hotend (called the hexagon). The current editions of the dual extruder on LB’s site use the ceramic hotends (called the budaschnozzle). The toolheads (flexi and dually) are compatible, but require a firmware downgrade.

Not to confuse you even more… there is a dual hexagon toolhead in the works. You can follow the development:
The project name descriptions are at the bottom of the page, look for “javelin”. Good pictures of the the dual head in the photos directory.

You can cannibalize the single to make the dual if you want to acquire the 2nd set of hardware & cables, print and machine the rest of the extruder. It makes sense to me to have an intact single and a complete dual toolhead.

Thanks for your reply. I’ll keep an eye out for the new version.