Do you unplug your power supply?

I’ve noticed that my TAZ 4 power supply sometimes likes to turn on its fan every once in a while, even when the TAZ is off, and of course that it has a lovely always-on green LED. The printer currently lives in my room which is why I’m very aware of these things. I’m sure it’s not drawing tons of power but still I’d like to shut it off like I do my printer and other large power equipment. Unplugging this big box though sometimes scares me, not for myself, but for the box brick itself. I already had one power supply fail and sometimes pulling that plug gets me a nice “SNAP” of arcing juice. So what do you guys do?

Do you unplug your power supply?

Only to move the printer, or work on it in some way that requires disconnecting cables.

Otherwise, the power supply stays plugged in.

I noticed this as well so I plugged min into a power strip with a switch. This turned out convenient as I also installed LED light strips on the printer and plugged them into the same power strip. Now I just turn the power strip off and leave the printer on.

I use a surge protected power strip. Works great.

or even better one with a battery backup for the printer and computer so you don’t lose a print to a momentary power blip.

Yes, the thing runs loud randomly during the night. Also the fan seems to make wierd grinding noises when its tilted.

Often wondered if it was the printer just getting hungry to extrude more plastic lol.