TAZ 5 Retraction

I have a TAZ 5, and in spite of every setting we have tried, when it comes to the point where it must retract a little, it retracts so much that it looses the grip on the filament.

The following have been done so far:

I have narrowed down the problem to one of retracting the filament too far, and then not being able to advance the filament and/or the tension between the idler wheel and the hobbed bolt, but nothing seems to help.

  1. Disabled retraction in the CURA software, including Basic Tab, Advanced Tab, Expert Settings.
  2. Cleaned the hobbed bolt, and the rest of the gearing :gear: mechanism.
  3. Blew out all debris with compressed air, and vacuumed out all debris.
  4. Adjusted the tension between the idler wheel and the hobbed bolt from virtually no tension at all to filament grinding and every tension in between.
  5. Adjusted all settings that MIGHT have something to do with this, including Move Speed, Fill %, Bed Temperature, Hot End Temperature, EVERY RETRACTION SETTING I could find, including “Don’t retract for Xmm”. I set this to 100mm, and it STILL retracts.


Thank you.

Does it print and retract fine for a while then start failing?

Yes. It will work for a while as it starts working around a thru hole, and get maybe 10 to 15 layers complete, then it loses the grip on the filament. That is, in spite of turning off ALL retraction that I could find, it still retracts when it gets to this section of the program, then starts to retract, works fine for a while, then no more filament is being extruded, and it starts trying to build on “air”. Thank you for your reply.

You might check your hotend fan. Make sure it is clear of debris and spinning. You should hear a whine from that fan when the printer is running. I have had a couple of these fans partially fail and cause heat creep related filament swell in the cold section of the hot end while printing with PLA. If you are printing PLA, you might be experiencing something similar.

Thanks nopick. I have gone over the hardware in detail, the fan was and is working fine.