TAZ 5 Samples

I just got my TAZ 5 (what an outstanding printer) and it came with a printed Octopus sample in a white plastic, and a meter of the lulz green filament. Does anyone know what materials these are?

I used the green to print a Rocktopus, and it and the sample both have a with a matte finish with that waxy ABS feel, so that’s be my guess. (I can’t remember now what settings I used :slight_smile: But there are so many other plastics available now that I haven’t tried, so I’m not sure if it could be one of those.

When I got my Taz 3, it was ABS. That’s my most likely guess anyways. I know the octopus is usually printed in ABS

I’ve never figured out what the green filament was. For that reason, I never used mine… it looked too short to print anything substantial.

LB may mention the material type in the quick start. Do yourself a favor and get a spool of ABS or PLA. That way the filament isn’t a question. :slight_smile:

I heard it is HIPS, lower cost and less odds of delamination.

The yellow-green sample that came with my recently purchased Mini was HIPS (and it said so in their quick start guide).

I think they are shipping with HIPS samples now.

Thanks for the help. After reading the user manual, (oh, and derp the Quick start too), I found that it said ABS, although maybe that isn’t up to date. But it does look like they sell only the lulz green in ABS, so that is probably what it was.

That 1 meter was just enough to print the Rocktopus, and it did come out really well. The ABS is impressive, so I will have to get some more.