Filament material used for production printed parts?

I am thinking of re-making a few of the printed parts for my Taz 5.
I can download .stl or gcode files but nothing tells me what material the production parts are printed from.
e.g. gcode files do not have it commented and do not have set temperatures in the code so I cant tell from this.
.stl file of course are totally independent of material.
Can somebody make this clear please? :question:

Taz 3d printer parts are in general printed out of Villiage Plastics ABS, printed at 85% infil on 0.5mm nozzles at 0.35-ish layer height. Temperature range I would start at is 100c for the bed, 240c for the nozzle. The Green parts might be Ngen, I’m not sure. The flexible parts are ninjaflex and require a flexystruder to produce.

Many thanks for that info. I’ll use those parameters in Slic3r and print in ABS using the .stl files as input. It’l have to be a .35mm nozzle though as that is all I have at present.