Taz 5 Thermistor Removal

Has anyone had success removing the thermistor from the heater block? I have a filament jam in the cold section of the hot end and need to disassemble it for repair. The thermistor seems to be stuck in the hole.

You might have some plastic in the thermistor hole, which will make it hard to remove. You can try and heat it and see if it will move then. I do not know for sure, but I have had only one so far that was hard to get out of the block.


This printer is only a week old so there isn’t much chance of any plastic being in there. It almost seems to be crimped or bonded in. There is no wiggle or give at all.

I will heat it up and see what happens.

Did you remove the screw and plate that holds it in? It is suppose to be just pushed into the hole and then the plate kind of holds the wires so it won’t slip out.

If you do have a major issue, contact support, they are really good at helping with machines in warranty.

Also check to make sure your heat cartridge is not lock-tightened in. I had a few eval/test hot ends that had the high temp lock-tight in/on the bolt that holds it in, and the bolt snapped off when I tried to remove it. There could be some in the threads and the thermistor hole from assembly.

I have removed the plate and heater cartridge. It is just the thermistor that will not come out.

I contacted support this weekend. I will call again tomorrow. It sounds like they have had problems with the fan failing. Which I believe is the problem with this unit. I had a print fail due to swollen filament all the way up through the cold section of the hot end. Meanwhile, my Taz 2 with an E3D V6 printing the same parts with the same filament in the same room completed successfully… Like it nearly always does.

Support ran through a couple things with me. My filament was 2.75mm and the fan was still spinning. I was just going to get the hotend down to bare metal to I could clear the jam. No such luck.

One of the hot-ends I have for my Taz ?(modified greatly from a Taz 4), had an issue with the fan spinning but not cooling the heat break. Mine I just changed out the fan for a new one and fixed it. But I am not covered under any warranty but mine so I do the repairs all myself.

Have any of you had your toolhead torn down far enough to tell if the thermistor connections use crimps or have just been soldered?

Mine did not have crimp connectors and appeared to have been soldered. One leg of the thermistor disconnected from the wiring harness when I was reassembling the hot end Monday. The entire toolhead is on its way back to Lulzbot now for evaluation.