Taz 6 thermistor is stuck in its hole.

The thermistor wires got gunked up with melted plastic and broke off the thermistor. I need to replace the thermistor, but can’t get the thermistor out of its slot. Any advice as to why it might be stuck? Is there a screw holding it in? I don’t see one, but it could be hidden in plastic?

See steps 5 and 6 here: https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/lulzbot-3mm-filament-hexagon-hot-end/hot-end-tool-head-assembly/

The heater block retention plate will also hold your thermistor wires in place. In order to remove the the old thermistor, you will want to remove that plate as well. Just be sure to put the plate back in after replacing the thermistor, as it is an important safety feature.