TAZ 5 Uninterruptible Power Supply "UPS" has arrived!

Hey peeps

Ever since buying one of these awesome 3d printer. I have had projects prints over 130 hours and 48 minutes with no problem. Printer been printing flawlessly But of course after heat creep fan mod. The help/info from JLC_Design and Muggs.

Thread can be found here

any ways to the point, i been having a lot of thunderstorms/outages, and loosing hours of prints. So i thought about getting a UPS “Uninterrupted Power Supply”. Ive been looking around and didn’t quite find what i am looking for. So I’ve contacted http://www.backupbatterypower.com.

After a few msg of talking specs and now we have a specific brand of backup power supply for TAZ 5. It gives you 6 minutes and 13 seconds of precious time to save your prints. The link for this specific UPS can be found here http://www.backupbatterypower.com/collections/lulzbot/products/bbp-1500ap-ssw-li-lulzbot-taz5. I will be getting one in 1 week or so to do a review of this product hook up and working in conjunction with the TAZ 5.

Ill post an update once i get my hands on this. Stay posted :smiley:

It’s a little old, but I really like this Cyberpower one (have two). Don’t get confused with the “T” on the end of a similar model. It’s got about half the capacity.


Anyhow, it’s a simulated sine wave, which I assume would work fine on the Taz.

Would this one work?

200$ is a little much to spend. But this one is in my price range. And it’s made by the same company, cyberpower. I know nothing of electronics or ups units sooo… Help please?

Personally, I found reducing maximum bed PWM a bit was sufficient to let me use a CyberPower 450VA UPS. A better approach might be to provide battery backup for a power supply driving the control electronics and motors only, since the heated bed has enough thermal mass to ride out brief faults.

Anything above 750VA should be plenty to power the printer for 1hr.

If you have more accessories, calculate the UPS size from the following selector. Choose “Other” and enter the PSU Wattage (stock I think is 360W). Once calculated, find a consumer level model with the suggested ####VA.