TAZ 6 Power Consuumption

How much power does the Lulzbot TAZ 6 use when printing? I started a print and there was either a power out or a electricity-surge which reset the computer so I had to start the print over :imp: . So now I want to get a UPS with Surge protection but I don"t which is best for the Taz 6. Thx

For surge protection, you really need it normally to cover at most, say 1 minute of time, but must be capable of supplying the full power for that minute.

I have a TAZ 6, and these are actual measurements. The power used by each electrical component are;

  • Support Electronics about 9 watts, 19 VA
  • Bed Heater - about 325 watts, 350 VA
  • Each extruder heater - about 30 watts, 32 VA (times 2 for dual extruders)
  • Motors - about 26 watts, 30 VA

Thus the worst case power usage is about 430 watts, 465 VA. Of course, your mileage may vary. For my Raspberry Pi 3 and Octoprint, I would add another 10 to 15 watts.

Hence a 500 VA unit would probably be good enough.

I might add, the average power usage for a print is much less, especially in an enclosure. Once the heaters are at temperature, there is little power usage maintaining the temperature. I know I had some measurements, but can’t seem to find them right now, but something like 110 watts rings a bell.

I use this on mine:

I’ve run it entirely off the battery for an hour print. I don’t remember how much juice was left after that, but it didn’t use the whole battery before the print was done. That was all the testing I’ve done on it. Great for surges and power loss. Better to go oversize on the supply than under :wink:

I also use them for my PC’s.