Taz 5 upgrades 2022

Looking for the best available upgrades for a stock Taz 5 available in 2022 to bring it as close as possible to modern standards. Anything is welcomed, but here is my specific wish list:

  • Lighter and/or higher precision parts for faster printing, probably just on X-axis
  • Removable bed flex plate, but with smooth texture similar to the original PEI plate
  • Quieter printing (trinamic motor drivers would require a different RAMBo, right?)
  • Auto mesh bed leveling with compensation for warped bed during print, or at the very least sensor-assistance for manual bed leveling
  • Maximize print volume - You can get about 10mm more from X and Y with Cura settings, but for Z I’m looking to add something like an extra 100mm so I assume some parts and firmware changes are needed. Any taller and I’m sure print accuracy would start to suffer

Please include list of parts, where to buy, and instructions if available. Thanks in advance.

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An Archim 2 board will likely result in a quieter machine.
For parts and tech support check out
http://www.itworks3d.com The guy who runs itworks is real helpful and can tell you what you need.
Also the facebook group "Lulzbot Mini and Taz 3D has a lot of knowledgeable people who may be able to help you out.

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I second the Facebook Group. And the gentleman from ItWorks3D. Both have been extremely helpful sorting out the issues my used Taz 6 had