Taz 5 with Flexydually V1 Print Quality Issues

Hi Lulzbot Community,
We are having some issue with print quality on our TAZ 5 printer. We have installed the Flexydually v1 head and we have noticed that our prints look flat and gloopy. We have not changed any settings in the layer height and this issue is present when printing with HIPS and Ninjaflex. I used the medium quality slicing profile for HIPS available on the Lulzbot website but it did not help the issue. Attached below is the medium quality slicing profile for HIPS (eSUN) on the Taz 5 that I have been using. I used the recommended temperatures of 230 degrees for the extruder and 110 degrees for the build platform. The .stl I am attempting to print is also attached below. I have also attached two pictures of the model. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Baracktopus.stl (14 MB)
HIPS_medium-quality_TAZ_single-extruder_0.5noz_cura.ini (10.6 KB)