TAZ 5 won't turn on

I bought a used Taz 5 to learn how to 3D print. After spending a day trying to get the printer adjusted it stopped turning on. Just completely dead. Checked power supply with multimeter and it looks ok. I removed the fuses to check with a multimeter and they seem ok.

While adjusting the printer I physically moved the print head quite a bit and the LCD panel would flicker. There were also a few loud noises when the motors would run into the manual stops.

I’m wondering if the abuse I put the machine through while trying to get it adjusted wiped out the Rambo board. However, I don’t know how to test the board to see if it’s fried.

How do I test to see if the Rambo is toast? If it is toast, should I replace it with an upgraded board or get the same version?


I would replace the board with a Duet board. I used a Duet Maestro. I also installed a BLTouch for mesh bed leveling. I also upgraded the hotend to E3D V6

If you try to use the newer Lulzbot Cura you will fry the resistor (if you have a Budaschnozzle). You can’t upgrade past Cura 2.8 I think.

You get to use a modern slicer as well. I am using Prusaslicer.

I am starting to upgrade another Taz 5 to the same configuration. I should document the build.


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I didn’t know Duet Maestro existed so I bought an Archim2.2 instead. However, I did get an E3D V6 hotend. I’m also going to use something other than Cura. Prusa slicer was one of the slicers I downloaded to learn. After I get that working I’ll add the BL Touch.

If I can get all of that to work then I’ll research the Z axis wobble repairs some people were suggesting. I I don’t know if Z wobble will bother me or not but I’ll keep an eye out for it.