Problem with RAMbo board?

Hi All,
I have a Taz-5 with flexdually toolhead which I just got. Yesterday the printer developed a problem where the T0 extruder motor started ‘sputtering’ and doesn’t actually turn so that it can extrude. It will spin backwards though so it can extract. Checked a bunch of stuff thinking it was SW/ configuration related. The T1 extruded has been working all along so I swapped cable connections between extruders and now T0 extruder works again. Haven’t tried using the T1 extruder with the T0 cable connections yet (printing something right now with the swapped cable connections). So my conclusion is that the electronics for T0 got damaged (perhaps related to adding the new FD tool head?). Have any of y’all anything like this? If it turns out to be a fried board I’m thinking of replacing it with a Smoothieboard. Had anyone replaced their RAMbo with a Smoothieboard (or others)? Thoughts?