Taz 6 and S3D questions

It looks like a few on here are using S3D and before I pay for it, I am hopping to get a few questions answered.

Does S3D handle more complex and detailed prints easier than Cura? It seems like Cura has a limit to the detail it can load and with my MeshMixer acting up now, I am looking for another slicer so I can print the designs I want to.

I think the answer to this question is no, but I will ask anyways. Does S3D have the Gcode for the auto wipe and leveling? I know in Slic3r I had to add it, but I was not sure about S3D. Most of what I have found is from a year or more back and looking for a more up to date answer on this.

If you had to pick a slicer to do complex printing on the taz… what would you pick?

I’d try PrusaSlicer before S3D. I haven’t used S3D extensively (did the demo a year or two ago, but opted not to purchase) but I read a recent review by someone and they thought that S3D used to have an edge, but Cura and Sli3r (Prusa Slicer is based on this) have closed the gap. There are official profiles for Slic3r.

I’ve been using PrusaSlicer and it’s nice. Cura is still better for supports and vase mode I’ve found.

PrusaSlicer profiles for Taz: https://www.reddit.com/r/lulzbot/comments/evgorw/prusaslicer_profiles_for_taz_printers/

I have Slic3r and it works… but it can take FOREVER to slice a print… was hopping S3D might be faster.

Is Prusa faster than Slic3r?

I have a Mini and I don’t print huge things, but I never see the render progress bar with it (2018 MacBook Pro, 2.7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7).

I will download and give it a try. Thank You

Given the amount of resources that Prusa has put into it, I’d guess that it is faster but both are free to use so why not compare them yourself?

Hey defuzz. I got Prusa installed and you are right. It is much faster. Thank you for all your help.

I have been printing for a few years. Started out with XYZ printer and quickly out grew it. Then I got my Taz but now I want more and more details. Prusa has everything I am looking for.

Thank you for helping.