Taz 6 Anti Wobble Z nut mount

I finally theoretically finished my Taz 6 retrofit antiwobble. there will be a variant of this attached to the openbuilds parts as well at some point. It’s a 3 piece unit, printable without support, and using only 4 M5 heat set inserts. It uses the same size (but unknown length) 3/16" steel dowel pins and igus 2MTRI MYI-03-03 Flanged Bearing, 3/16" IDx 3/16" L bearings that my taz 5 anti wobble uses https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1089626 . You will need 16 bearings and 8 shafts to complete a pair of these units

It’s undergoing printing next. I’m mainly concerned with the overall unit strength. i don’t want to make it any bigger than it is in any dimension, but I may end up reinforcing the mid section by extending a plate between the shaft anchor posts to stiffen it. That will take about 1mm additional clearance on either side.

I think this should fit. I don’t have an actual taz 6 to test it on, but the clearances look right. To use this, you would remove the green squishy pad, and bolt this in its place. If it does hit anywhere, please let me know what it is hitting. I’m particularily concerned that it will hit the extruder motor on full maximum X travel. You probably do lose about 7-10mm of maximum Z travel with this as it exists currently. I can squish that down a little, but only if I make it much wider. This design is a compromise in that regard, but I may issue a compensated set of standard mounts and openbuilds mounts later to drop that conic section down accordingly. Files will be in the nect post, you’ll probably have to flip them to print them correctly.

The “taz6 antiwobble.stl” file is included just to show an example of assembly. That particular file will most not likely print, but if you print the other 3 piece files, you should be all set. Heat set inserts go in the one with 4 holes in it, the other pieces just get bearings and shafts and 2 m5 bolts. My calipers are still packed in the pending move box, somewhere, so I had to guess on the socket holes for the M5 bolts, but I think I’m pretty close or over on that area so it should slip right in.

You bolt the base to the X end piece, then put the mid layer on and slide in the first two pins. then the upper layer and the last set of pins. Then you bolt the leadscrew nut to the top of the assembly using the stock bolts and optionally 2 additional bolts. You should have 1.5mm travel in any direction. I may reduce that later if it means additional clearance but for now i’d like to keep the option.

New files will be at the bottom of the thread for now.
Taz6_antiwobble_1_0_a_base.stl (220 KB)
Taz6 Antiwobble.stl (565 KB)
Taz6_antiwobble_1_0_a_upper.stl (118 KB)
Taz6_antiwobble_1_0_a_Mid.stl (223 KB)

Seems to do the job about as well as my Taz 5 variant. it has a bit more travel built in, I may take about 1mm of that out in the final production variant to make it a little more compact. But it’s smooth, no Z separation movement, no binding, and seems to fit around a leadscrew just fine.

Published the design

Hello Pierset,

Thanks for designing this! I am going to try it on my Taz 6. I have had Z-banding on my Taz 6, even after extensive tuning with Simplify3D.

Do you recommend printing it in PLA or PETG?



OK, cool! let me know if you run into anything that needs adjusting! It should print fine in either PLA or PETG. That particular part is away from heat and doesn’t really take much stress, so strength isn’t really a concern. I’d print it in whichever material you are able to print cleanest. The bearing mounts are designed with an ABS shrink factor in mind, but PLA or PETG should be close enough it shouldn’t matter. You may find you need to drill out the shaft immidiatly behind the bearing insert retention notch a bit for smooth movement with PLA, but that won’t interfere with retention of the igus bearings at all

More progress on the integrated Taz 6 Openbuilds integrated edition. the X motor side is done, the idler side is kind of done, except I fixed the old version not the newer one, so I’ll need to redo that. It may get posted this evening.

I also forgot to upload the z max limit relocation. But its here now.
limitrelocate.stl (97.9 KB)
wobblegratedtop_1_0_a.stl (123 KB)
taz_6_openbuilds_x_antiwobble_2_0_a.stl (478 KB)
bottomgrated.stl (144 KB)