Taz 6 Specific Openbuilds X axis with integrated Anti wobble

The BoM and instructions aren’t done yet, I haven’t printed them, yet, and i don’t have a taz 6 frame to test them on even if I did. But it looks like it should work. So here are the early access files in the thingiverse page.

Nearly ready for the test fit!

So yeah, it needs an adjustment. The longer tab needs to be 5mm longer. Reprinting the endcap tomorrow to verify, but at least I have final verified measurements to work from this time. Trimming away the problem areas and adding the longer tab on variant 2.0 results in a working unit. The motor side works without issue. I also plan on testing the idler bracket allignment, but that shouldn’t have changed much.

so yeah, it’s getting there. The non wobble top one also needs the same edits, Will create that tomorrow sometime in here.
Taz6_Openbuilds_X_antiwobble_idler_Endcap_3_0_c.stl (416 KB)
wobblegrated.stl (55.2 KB)

Also I need to clearance the top part of the anti wobble as well, it hits the damned extruder motor. But I only need 3mm there, so thats still functional and usable.

I finally got a printed prototype made and have eliminated the remaining fit issues. The Taz 6 stock carriage now fits and hits both endstops appropriately.
Taz6_Openbuilds_X_antiwobble_idler_Endcap_3_0_c.stl (416 KB)
Taz6_Openbuilds_X_antiwobble_idler_Endcap_tab_2_0_a.stl (55.2 KB)

More pictures. I’m printing a motor block and an idler block for the back of the rail to check clearance there too, but that all looks fine so far so i don’t anticipate any concerns there. I might also bolt a backplate up too, we’ll see.