Taz 6 auto home Y-axis is off

i have a lulzbot taz 6 that is not auto homing correctly. it does x and y axis homing well. but when it does z axis, it brings the nozzle down with x and y set to 0. it does not move in x and y to place the nozzle above the z probe button. here’s a video

the y-idler assembly broke and was replaced. that may or may not have something to do with this.

there was also a firmware update. after doing the firmware update, the behavior is still the same.

when starting a print job, it does not move the nozzle to the fuzzy pad to wipe, it instead does the wiping procedure from x = 0, y = 0. this causes the nozzle to scrape the corner metal.

any help would be much appreciated. how do I get the taz to remember the x and y offsets for the button and the fuzzy wipe area?

i checked the y axis motor pulley by holding it with pliers and pushing the bed. it held tight.

not sure what else to check.


It doesn’t look like it is correctly homing the Y axis.

You do a test by connecting to the printer via the “Console” in Cura (or anything that lets you have a console to your printer … e.g. Pronterface.

From there issue a few commands:


This asks the printer to report it’s current toolhead position.


Send: M114
Recv: X:-50.00 Y:50.00 Z:299.00 E:0.00 Count X:-5000 Y:5012 Z:149500
Recv: ok P15 B4

Next, ask the printer to move the Y axis. Do this with:

G0 Y100 F2400

The Y value (100 in my example above) is the position in millimeters in the absolute position coordinate system (it’s also possible to put the printer into “relative” position which would ask it to move a given distance from it’s current location. Most of the time your printer is operating in “absolute” coordinates where the X0, Y0 is typically a corner of the build plate (on some printers it’s the center) and Z0 is typically the nozzle’s lowest height (nozzle nearly touching the bed).

The F value (2400 in my example) is the FEED rate in millimeters per minute. 2400 ÷ 60 = 40. So the printer would move at 40mm/sec.

When you do this command, it might ignore you and you might see this instead:

Send: G0 Y50 F2400
Recv: echo:Home Y first
Recv: ok P15 B4

This means the printer doesn’t believe it has been ‘homed’ in the Y axis. Since it doesn’t know where “home” is, it doesn’t know where the Y 100mm from the 0 position is either (because it doesn’t know where the 0 position is – it hasn’t been homed on that axis).

You can ask it to home in the Y axis with:

G28 Y

G28 is the Marlin “Home” command. Mostly it is used without any parameters … e.g. just “G28”. That causes the printer to “home” all axes. But if you give it an axis name (or names) it will home only those axes you named. So the above command will only home the Y axis. To home on say… both X and Y you would use “G28 X Y”.

One you home the Y axis, repeat the X move command:

G0 Y100 F2400

If this still does not work, then it means there is something wrong with the printer’s ability to ‘home’ that axis.

I’m not certain about the TAZ 6. I have a TAZ Workhorse. On the Workhorse the limit switches are in the “normal closed” position. This means the continuity is always flowing and when the toolhead bumps the limit switch it “breaks” the circuit (the switch goes to the “open” state). But think about what this means… IF a wire is broken or disconnected, it would always be in the “open” state and you wouldn’t be able to “home” that axis (and this did happen to me once).

Check that your Y limit switch wires are connected at the board and undamaged.

You can find documentation on all the Marlin commands here:

Hello Tim,

Thank you so much for your help. I will go through your suggestions and get back to you with the results.