Taz 6 bed cooling during auto-level

Printing ABS at 110C for the first layer.

I’d like to be able to preheat the bed so that I can let everything stabilize before probing, but I’m noticing the temperature drops about 20C during the auto-leveling sequence. So besides being at random temps when probing, it also takes about 10 minutes to get back up to temp. Some times I have to restart the print because of a funky first layer and when it’s all said and done it can be up to 30-40 minutes just to get a good print started.

Is there any control for the bed probing temperature in the firmware or maybe a G-code command to control this?

I havn’t looked at it or tinkered with it in quite a while on my mini, but yes if you go into the advanced cura settings you can edit the startup Gcode and change the bed probing temp. Whether this is a good idea i don’t know.

Alternatively you should be able to do the same thing when you save your model as gcode and then edit the gcode file in a text editor.