mini doesn't cool down / bed level

I made a perfect print of first octopus model and then trying to print a simple head stl file

both attempts, the sequence did not include cooling down /cleaning / bed levelling - just went from heating up to 230 degrees / 85 degrees (bed) to starting to print and the print head was millimetres away from the bed, which I presume is due to missing the levelling stage?

what is wrong??!

regardfs, Stefano

Are you using a different software, that doesn’t include the header in the gcode file?
It could also be that the detection of the z-endstop is faulty in hardyware.

If you are using something other than the default Cura profiles provided by Lulzbot, you will need to copy the start gcode from the Cura profile and add it to the start gcode section of your slicer. You will also need to make sure the clean and probe temp lines in that gcode are set up for the filament you are printing with. Cura uses some variables to set the print temps when the gcode is generated. The wipe and probe temps are hard coded.

Here are the temp lines from cura’s startup gcode:

M140 S110 ; get bed heating up
M109 S170 ; heat up rest of way
M109 S170 ; set to probing temp
M109 S{print_temperature} ; set extruder temp and wait
M140 S{print_bed_temperature}; get bed temping up during first layer

thanks all, problem was that I hadn’t loaded mini/cura filament profiles

latest tests came out fine!

regards, Stefano