Taz 6 Dual Extruder Temps Swapped?

I’ve been going crazy trying to troubleshoot the dual extruder I’m using on my Taz 6. I’m printing PLA on Extruder 1 and PVA on Extruder 2, but I’ve had very problematic issues with the temperature for each extruder. I’ve tried adjusting just temp for Extruder 2 but was unable to feed (ie. felt like it was cold), and saw some warmed filament come from Extruder 1, which should be cold.

I’ve also seen problems on my print where Extruder 1 (T0) shows 220C and T1 is at 170C (holding), and become unable to print, like it’s not warm enough (feeder slips/grinds on filament 1). I can’t figure out why the extruder temps seem to be swapped when the extruder motion controls are correct.

I’m forced to keep both extruder temps around 190C or higher just in case, but it causes some melting on the print under the “standby” extruder. Anyone have this issue before?

It’s possible that the heaters (or thermistors) have been swapped, it’s easy enough to test and should be just a matter of swapping them back.

Beyond that, there’s heatcreep issues with all the dual toolheads, which is even worse if you’re trying to run PLA alongside anything other than PLA. ABS, HIPS and PVA all print fairly well next to each other though.