Taz 6 Dual Nozzle Natural PVA Clogging

I am trying to dual print with 910 & PVA Support with eSun’s Natural for the supports. I have gotten three successful prints but now the PVA keeps clogging. See attachments. Any idea why this is happening? Thanks!

  • FitzNYC

It might be a nozzle cleaning and leveling problem. I had similar issues with the flexydually. The ABS nozzle would clog. The problem was that the cleaning gcode was insufficient in cleaning the nozzle. So the leveling routine would push hard on the washer to smash the plastic out of the way to make contact with the washer. This inturn would case the code to think that the bed was lower than it actually was so the nozzle would be too close to the bed when it started printing. In my case the part would print fine, but the nozzle would be clogged when trying to print a second part. I made significant changes to the way the rear nozzle is cleaned on the flexydually and my problems went away.

Here is the post showing my upgrades:

Which extruder is the PVA loaded? If T1, you can try raising the toolhead a quarter - half a turn.

If its T0, then there is no simple way to adjust a Z-offset in Cura. You could try the M212 Z0.2 to raise the head by .2mm. More info on the M212 command here:

THe PVA is loaded into T1. I will try raising it. I am not sure how to change the cleaning code but have had problems with the leveling process failing many times… Thanks for the input.



Just a note, but you can adjust the Z offset in the LCD menus as there is no screw to turn to raise or lower the Z lower set point on a Taz 6.

Thanks! I will try that.


I changed the z-offset by .2mm and that seemed to work with a modified profile which is attached.


910-natural-pvr-taz-6-dual-no-wipe.ini (11.7 KB)

Here’s a photo as well.