Taz 6 oddity...

Hello all:
I received my Taz 6 today!!!

I was able to print something after a while. The issue at first was leveling.
I’m paranoid with new stuff, so I watched very carefully as this thing started!!

The printer would push on the button, wipe the nozzle (which wipes over the plastic edge mostly. I need to figure out how to adjust that.), then it would touch each corner button. On the last button, it would just stop. Nothing more ever happened.
Oh, I should mention that I’m running Octoprint. I can’t see that it makes a difference, though.
After trying again, it printed Ok!
Try again, and it failed just like the first time, at the last leveling button.
This was all with nGen filament, as I have a few spools of it from my Mini.

So, in summary:

  1. My Taz 6 doesn’t wipe the cleaner far enough to the outside. It wipes the plastic inner edge mostly. I think I found out how to change that in the Cura initial Gcode. I am running the newest Cura.
  2. My Taz 6 won’t continue about half the time after leveling. It won’t continue after the last button is touched.
  3. Not mentioned above, but I need to lower the Z for the first layer. It is too high by probably 3/4 to 1mm.

Anyone have some insight here?
I’ll continue playing. This is an awesome design!
(I wonder why it’s slower than my Mini?)

Lulzbot has weekend support. I was just chatting with them about my Mini.


Wow, I emailed support yesterday after you, Nopick, mentioned that they have weekend support.

They responded last night (Friday)!!

I have everything resolved now. I found that the leveling issue was that the Z axis was way off from one side to the other.
After I got the Z sides the same, the Z would bind, just buzzing away. When they were 5mm or more off, it would not bind, but the leveling was intermittent.
I ended up leveling the sides again, and then loosening the vertical parts that are on the threaded rod with ninjaflex between them. I then snugged them up again. The theory is that this would allow them to align and not bind.
That seemed to work!

As far as the nozzle not hitting the cleaner properly, I just moved the whole bed over in X. That fixed that!

The Z is adjustable in the front panel. How nice is that! That was in the email from support.

Now everything seems to be working fine!

I am really beginning to appreciate just how adjustable the Taz is! I’m used to the Mini which has very little adjustment.

I am a happy camper now!!

Go forth and print!

For your #2, the delay after touching the 4th corner during leveling is normal. It’s waiting for the nozzle to get back up to temp before printing. When you press print in cura, it lowers the nozzle temp first before wiping or touching any of the contacts. Then it wipes, then touches the 4 corner contacts to level. After it’s level it brings the temp back up to where you set it for printing and starts the print. It can take a few minutes for the whole process.

I had similar problems. Lulzbot support sent me this link:


It worked like a charm.