TAZ 6 -- Experiences in Europe


It seems the TAZ 6 is a great 3D printer… at least if you live US.

I’m from Belgium, and I’m wondering if anybody has experience with:

  • import duties
  • ordering spare parts
    within Europe.

Thanks for sharing,

Lulzbot does have a European warehouse somewhere in England, but it looks like they are out of Taz 6’s at the moment.

Im in England and bought my printer, as well as subsequent orders for filament and some other stuff direct from them. The prices on their website, if you’re not logged in, are exclusive of VAT. When you get to checkout, VAT gets added on and that’s the price you pay. No extra import duty or handling fees.

Support is also active during our working hours frame. I’ve sent emails to them during the daytime and had replies within the hour.