TAZ 6 extruded harness pinout?

Can anyone point me to the pinout of the TAZ 6 extruded harness? I’m looking for a 12v source which is always active during a print.

Reason: I would like to add a 12v ring LED to the extruded assembly to make it easier to see print progress (and potentially for Time lapse in the future). On other printers, I’ve just used the heatbreak cooling fan but on the TAZ 6, the fans appear to be either 24v or 5v.

It should be in here somewhere: http://devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/nutmeg/production_parts/Electronics/Wire_harness/

If that doesn’t meet your needs, try the assembly documentation https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/taz6-wire-assemblies/taz-6/

The main power supply is a 24 volt supply while many other printers use a 12 volt supply. The 5 volts is used on the RAMBo for some logic functions and so was tapped for the 5 volt cooling fan. If you want a 12 volt supply then you will need to add a second supply source that gives you the 12 volts you want. You might look into a ~24 volt to 12 volt converter.

Thanks for the deep dive. It confirms what I was seeing from all of my measurements. I’ll investigate other options. The LED ring is a great option but not a necessity.