Taz 6 Extruder Swapping

This may have been covered before. If so, please point me in the proper direction as I have not been able to find a satisfactory understanding.

I just got a dual extruder for my Taz6 and reviewed the installation/setup process and it all seems pretty clear. My confusion is with swapping back to the single extruder. Now, I have read Cura takes care of the firmware reprogramming when you change the tool head in the machine settings. Can any one confirm this?

What else needs to be done besides a selection change in Cura? Re-calibrations? Re-configurations? I hear that some people like to just keep the dual installed, but I would like to stick to the single for jobs that don’t need the dual.

Also, are the limitations with the dual extruder. I read about the auto leveling not being an options for some, but not others? Is there a dual extruder workflow that should be followed?

It would be great if there was a well documented process to follow that covered all the nuances.

Appreciate the help!

I myself like to place a sticker with the E Steps for the single extruder so I have the needed number/s when I change back to the single from the dual. Best to record before you change to the dual.

Is that all you have to do besides choosing the single extruder in the Cura Machine Settings? Since the Esteps are known from the factory, there is no need to do the extruder calibration? What about Z height calibration?

If you do not lose your calibration sheet from the factory - no.

As for the Z offset which I assume you’re asking about. Since the firmware re-flash probably overwrites the old value and as you have physically changed the extruder, and it might be at a different position now than before. It might be a good idea to check the offset on the first print.

Ok, thanks for explaining that. I do still have the cal sheet and see the documented Z offset and T0 Esteps. I will check that it is correct with the Esteps and Z offset that is actually set in the FW first. Then, I will install the dual. Then, when i am ready to go back to the single, I will:

  1. Select the single tool in Cura
  2. Let it re-flash the FW
  3. Reset the Estep for T0 to what it is now
  4. Reset the Z offset to what it is now

I assume that once I get through the dual’s installation procedure and get ready to print, I will have new calibration numbers (for Z offset) that I will want to save for whenever I reinstall the dual, correct? Then its just a matter of making sure the proper FW is loaded and the proper Esteps and Z offset are set whenever I am swapping? Thanks again for bearing with me on this. I just need to take the jump and try it already!