TAZ 6 Dual Extruder questions

I got the TAZ 6 with a single extruder a couple of weeks back, and just got the dual extruder.

  1. 1st of all, out of curiosity, is there any good reason to move back and forth between the single and dual extruder (other than the heavier mass and potentially slower speed of the dual)?

  2. Do you have to flash the firmware each time you move back and forth? And out of curiosity, if so, is this because there is not enough memory to store in the Ardunino both versions?

  3. On the TAZ 6, do you have to recalibrate anything moving between the single and dual extruder types, or does the bed auto-leveling take care of that (Although I doubt it, see next question)?

  4. How come the dual extruder start gcode does not have bed auto-leveling or wiping built into it? I know the wipe area for both nozzles together is effectively much shorter, but could still be done.

  5. This may be a noobie question (and possibly I don’t have the dual extruder set up properly yet), but why does the dual extruder squirt out filament from both extruders after homing (off the left side of the bed and onto my table) before starting the print?

  6. The Dual Extruder connectors are almost impossible to connect to the matching cables. I had to cut the tie wraps on the extruder side to give more flex to allow hooking up the connectors easily. Any thoughts on this?


  1. Those are the main ones.

  2. Basically, but Cura does that for you. The main reason is that going from a dual to a single extruder will cause the printer to error with a “thermistor missing or hotend missing” type of error if the second extruder is disconnected on firmware rigged for two. If you go from a single to a dual and don’t switch the firmware, your second extruder just fails to do anything.

  3. Assuming you position the extruder body in the carriage exactly identically every time, which is doable with practice, you can get away without recalibrating anything. The E steps changes with the firmware swap anyways.

  4. lulzbot style conductive leveling is wired to essentially use one extruder as the auto leveling point. There isn’t an easy way to switch to the other extruder, and having both points wired up could lead to inadvertant shorting issues.

  5. it might just be ooze, or possibly pre priming the extruder before a nozzle wipe? I dunno, I use repetier and mine doesn’t do that.

  6. I have the Taz 5 style fittings on mine, so, No.

Thanks for the info. A couple of followups…

I’m using Lulzbot Cura right now (and driving it via octopi), and the start.gcode and start2.gcode don’t seem to have any leveling at all for the dual. I don’t see why the back extruder couldn’t be used to level the bed (Although if both extruder are not even with the plane of the bed, I could see issues). But is it suppose to level?

In the Lulzbot Cura start and start2 gcode, it is doing a “G1 F200 E10” to each extruder, the back one (T0) over the homing button and the front one (T1) on the supporting table. Just doesn’t seem right to me. But I will play with it some more tomorrow.

Thanks again.

HMM! I just looked at my Dual extruder profiles and mine have the auto level and wipe code in them. :confused:

My Dual Extruder code had code in Start, End, Start2 and End2 gCode. I had originally loaded my cura from Lulzbot website download, created a new machine for the Dual Extruder, and did the flash update.

But based upon what you said, I totally uninstalled my cura, including the user application data and reinstalled using the SD card code (which had an identical cura setup EXE image) and went though the install process. Now I have just Start2 and End2 gCode (which clearly references the TAZ 6 in the comments), with Start and End being empty.

How did the other one get generated? I don’t know, but suspect it was the initialization gcode from a TAZ 5 or older with the Dual Extruder.

Thanks :slight_smile: