Taz 6 Failure notification

I’ve been having issues with the filament getting chewed up, and the printer just keeps running when this happens. Is there any settings I can change so that it stops the print at that point and gives me a notification?
Thank you

Other than adding an enhanced filament runout sensor that detects a lack of movement your best remedy is to solve the issue of filament getting chewed up.

Search this forum for “filament chewed” and you find numerous suggestions including reducing idler tension and retraction settings.

Yeah, I am already in the process of trying to fix it. Just would be nice if the thing actually had something like that. Is this a sensor that I can add to the Taz 6?

See https://lulzbot.com/store/taz-workhorse-taz-6-filament-runout-sensor-kt-ms0023.


**During installation, the second extruder harness will be removed. Therefore, dual extruders are not compatible with the runout sensor.

Note - This Runout Sensor cannot detect jams in the Tool Head or feature filament stripping detection.

Another option is to use OctoPrint with a plugin. The sensor is attached to the system running OctoPrint.

The runout sensor wont’ help with chewed filament. If you run octoprint, you can add the BigTreeTech Smart Filament Sensor (google it, or use this sponsored link: https://amzn.to/3tueoFp ). I’ve made a replacement housing for it to accommodate 2.85mm filament here: BigTreeTech Smart Filament Sensor Mount for Lulzbot Taz 6 by Wrathernaut | Download free STL model | Printables.com