Taz Pro Issues - Print Failures

Hi all,

I’m having major problems with my new Taz Pro - I keep getting a “Extruder 1 Filament Error” within a couple of minutes of the print starting. My first two attempts at the initial quick start print had this error after only printing a few lines of filament. My 3rd attempt worked, but now my 4th and 5th attempts have failed again while attempting to print something else. It’s definitely not an issue with the filament not being in there properly as it seems to be extruding and retracting fine and I made sure that everything was done exactly how the guide says to do it. I’ve updated the firmware on the printer and installed the latest version of Cura both on my existing computer that had Cura on it and a fresh computer which has never had a 3D printer connected to it. Neither is printing.

I’m hoping it is an easy fix and not the massive pain in the butt that the thermistor issue was with the Aerostruder. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Reach out to the support team with the following information: Filament type, brand, and color, Cura LE version, profile used. Are you running through the filament run-out sensor? If so, and if it’s properly tensioned, you can adjust the run-out sensor settings for that extruder. The support team will be able to help you adjust that for that particular filament: https://LulzBot.com/Support.

I agree that it sounds like tension is not right - check the Idler Adjustment Knob. Look at the page before section 5.8 in the Quick Start Manual and it shows you how it should look. I originally had problems like this when I kept forgetting to adjust the knob to be tight enough after changing filament.

I was planning on reaching out to support as well since I’ve run into the same issue. However, my prints will run several hours before getting the “Extruder X filament error”. Even tried a print using Extruder 2 but still got the same error.

I am having the same problem on my Pro.
Everything is laying down correctly then i get
“extruder 2 filament error”
and the print pauses. I can resume the print and it lays down OK again then stops again 2 times for this print and then switches to other material and is ok
I have NGEN white in this head.
I am suspicious of the run out sensor. Is it an optical sensor that doesnt like white? How do I adjust the run-out sensor or disable it from stopping my prints?

You Guys figure out your issue. I am having the exact same issue with extruder errors after a few layers

The runout and strip out detector is a rotary encoder that is tied to marlin. Essentially when the extruder is supposed to be laying down filament, the sensor checks for movement on the encoder. There are a few items you can check and settings to adjust if need be.

1.) Ensure the filament is loaded into the correct sensor. The green sensor is for Extruder one (left extruder) and the black sensor is for Extruder two (right extruder.) If you route these improperly, the wrong sensor will be moving and it will throw this error.

2.) Ensure that the filament guide tubes are secure in both the sensor and the tool head. If these are not secured slack can be developed when moving the tool head, preventing a trigger from the sensor.

3.) You can check the tension on the runout/strip out detector. You can tighten the two screws (one for each sensor) using the included 2mm hex driver. If you over tighten, you will create extra drag and cause actual strip outs. (If you find it very difficult to load filament through the sensor, you have over tightened it)

4.) You can adjust your runout/strip out distance via the LCD. This essentially increases/decreases how long the extruder needs to output filament before registering feedback from the sensor. (Menu > Advanced Settings > Filament > Runout Sensor > Adjust Detection Threshold)

5.) You can disable the filament runout feature via the LCD. This is recommended for 1.75mm filament (for those who would like to try it) and for NinjaFlex. (The compression can cause inconsistency with the sensor) (Menu > Advanced Settings > Filament > Runout Sensor > Off)

We hope this helps!