Taz 6 filament spool holder

I know… I know…
Not another boring filament spool holder design. Not sure if i should be, but I’m kinda proud of this one :slight_smile:
I took the stock Lulzbot arm design and shortened it for NGen spools. I added a groove on the top edge and a little indention on either vertical so that a 1/2 round of teflon could sit on the top of the arm. So… without bearings… it’s super slippery… and works like a dream.
You can find the .STL on thingiverse under Monsterequipped

I like the Teflon! Neat!

Now on my machine too! Thank you!

My pleasure… Glad you like it!

They really do work well… no more jerky pulling or squeaking from the stock arm.

Anyone want to make one I have the short and long arm STL file posted here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2707372

think i have improved the large spool arm so it can hold the 5 pound spool without being nervous about it. comparison shot.

next shot