Taz 6 Fillament real holder problems

ever since I started to use taz my filament behaves like this

i printed a special holder but it still does it any clue why…

sorry about the picture it wont rotate the proper way up

::tilts head:: It’s not immediately jumping out at me, are you referring to the way the filament is curved during feeding?

yes sorry about the picture it would not rotate properly and upload, yes the way it coils the picture was after 1.5 hr print into a 7 hr print the red bits on the reel holder is a spring that pulls the filament back but this doe sent stop the coiling effect. which becomes a problem in a long print… this was even a problem with the std taz 6 setup the coil would unspool of the filament hence mounting above…

Ah. Some filament has a bit of memory, and wants to snap back into the coiled shape. It should be fine. The extruder is strong enough to pull the printer up off the table by climbing the filament, so it shouldn’t impact your prints unless the filament is tangled on the reel.

I’m assuming the spool just sits on that triangular shaped structure, if so, why can’t you just lift it up and turn the entire spool left or right and rotate the filament back on the roll until it lines up correctly like thread on a spool? It looks to me as if you had the spool on the Lulzbot provided spool holder that’s on the side and you just lifted it onto that other spool holder while the filament was already fed into the print head. That or you loaded the filament onto the aerostruder tool head with the filament in line with you and the tool head (facing the front of the TAZ) and then you lifted the spool onto that spool holder on top. Thus inducing the “twist”.

When loading the filament raise the toolhead between 150 & 200 on the Z-axis, this way you’ll have less twisting force to wrestle with.

no the material was placed correctly into the Aero strait and after 4 hrs this occurs, I am in a wheelchair and handling the material while loaded and printing is NOT an option hence the time and filament making this holder, which I thought would do the trick… on another material it does not behave this way… and the Holder does what I thought it would do.

Ok, I was actually able to duplicate this by unwinding a spool with about 1/4 of the filament left. What a mess when it’s off the spool! To put It back on the spool I had to rotate, flip and spin the spool in multiple directions, whatever it took to get it back on. As I print with it now it’s coming off twisted, showing the “memory” effect that Orias had mentioned.