Filament memory on the spool

I have a TAZ 5, I am starting to have feed issues when getting to the bottom of a spool.

I am guessing the factory winds the spools with the filament warm, thus causing the filament to have a “memory” after it cools.

At the beginning of the spool it feeds just fine, however, as I get down to the bottom of the spool the tighter curvature of the filament is causing issues. It doesn’t want to unwind and the spool is hanging up.

I am in the process of building an inclosure for ABS printing, will the extra heat in the box help relax the filament and feed better?

I have also been looking into other ways of holding the spool. Currently I am using the hook that comes with the printer.

Any suggestions?

You can always build something like this: on the frame above the spool before it gets into the plastic tube.

I printed that and it works quite well, especially on some of that eBay Filiment that is wound on smaller spools.


The feeder tube should help with the tighter coils… the springiness of the tube should help move the coil. Get the feeder tube as close to the spool as possble. I also moved the spool holder, and feeder tube holder, closer to top of the frame… Which may bring the springiness of the excess feeder tube more in play to help with sticking coils.

Try a few twists of the idler thumbscrews… I also like to pre-unroll some of the filament to ensure they aren’t sticking from the spool being wound too tight at the factory.